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Neurotic Explorations

Chaotic ramblings, no guarantees, no refunds

I'm a woman of contradictions, I'm told. I either talk a lot, or am silent. I have too much baggage, too many neurosis, and too much to deal with. I'm both transparent and secretive, sometimes. I'm living with depression but smile a lot. This is a secondary account because I'm uncomfortable venting/whining/complaining in my main journal.

My journal is Friends Only, but I love making connections. If you wish to add me to your flist, please do. I will most likely return the favor. If you are on my flist and wish to leave, please feel free, no fuss, no muss.. although please do let me know why? Otherwise I might feel like I've hurt your feelings or something, somehow. If you want me to remove you, just ask and I'll do so without any hard feelings. :)

We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do little things with great love.
~ Mother Teresa ~

Follow your bliss.
~ Joseph Campbell ~